Garden Tips - February:

Houseplants with large leaves and smooth foliage such as philodendrons, dracaena and rubber plants benefit from having their leaves washed to remove dust and grime. Try using Plant Leafshine by Fertilome to easily clean and protect the leaves of your precious houseplants.

When using salt to melt ice on walks and driveways, spread it carefully to avoid damage to nearby shrubs and plants; consider usingQik Joe Ice Melt instead. Qik JOE instant ice melt is made of 100% calcium chloride pellets. Professional strength heat generating ice melt pellets that generate heat on contact. Melts ice & snow down to temperatures of -25ᵒF without leaving white residue. Qik Joe not harm concrete, grass, shrubs, and plants when use as directed. You’ll use 75% less per application as compared to other ice melting products!

Don’t forget to turn your home compost pile if you can!