Garden Tips - July:

Check often to see if your containers are receiving adequate water. As the temperatures rise, plants will need more water. Use Soil Moist Spikes Plus to ensure your plants won’t dry out. They also contain a slow release 5-5-5 fertilizer.

Be on the lookout for Japanese beetles, especially on roses, Rose of Sharon, birch, and plum trees. Use Fertilome’s Triple Action Plus, Neem or Bayer’s All in One Rose & Flower Care. For larger plants, use Fertilome’s Systemic Insect Drench.

Chipmunks, groundhogs and deer have probably already begun nibbling at your garden. Try using Bobbex or Natural Guard Organic Animal Repellant to keep them away.

Fertilizing at this time of year can be very tricky. If you are fertilizing perennials, trees or shrubs, make sure it’s organic or very low in nitrogen. Fertilizing with too much nitrogen at this time of year can damage your plants by making them more susceptible to insect and summer damage.

Continue deep watering once a week for your new plantings right through to the fall, until the ground freezes. Remember, deep watering encourages deep root growth. Deep root growth makes for a healthier, happier plant. Soaker hoses and timers or Treegators make things especially easy to maintain.

Mid to late July is the best time to apply the third step in your 4 step lawn care program. Jonathan Green’s Summer Survival provides a gentle feeding for your lawn while controlling a wide spectrum of insect pests including chinch bugs, armyworms ants, fleas and even ticks! For an organic lawn program, apply Jonathan Green’s Organic Lawn Fertilizer.