Garden Tips - June:

Remove old flower heads from annual plants to keep them blooming. To keep your container plants looking beautiful, use Fertilome’s 20-20-20 water soluble plant food once a week.

Watch for black spot and powdery mildew on your roses. Treat your roses and perennial beds with Bayer All in One Rose & Flower Care to prevent these diseases from occurring and to protect from bug damage. Also avoid watering the leaves as this will cause disease to spread more rapidly.

If you haven’t fed your azaleas and rhododendrons yetnow is the time with Espoma’s Holly Tone or Fertilome’s water soluble Acid Loving plant food . This will increase next year's flower production.

Be alert for snail and slug damage on your hostas. Leaves will have many holes, especially near the edges and a slimy trail. Thin leafed varieties are more desirable to snails and slugs than thick, puckery-leafed varieties.Use Espoma’s all natural Slug Control at the first sign of damage.

Give your flowers a boost with Fertilome’s Blooming & Rooting water soluble fertilizer about once a month.This will provide you with a bounty of flowers for the rest of the summer.

Turn your hydrangeas blue with Hi-Yield orEspoma’s Soil Acidifier or pink with Espoma’s Garden Lime. Cut off spent blooms to encourage new ones. Hydrangea blooms also make great dried arrangements!

Time to apply the second step of your 4 step lawn care program. Jonathan Green’s Weed & Feed helps control over 250 broadleaf weeds in your lawn. For the organic alternative, apply Jonathan Green’s Organic Lawn Fertilizer to help rejuvenate your tired, sick lawns with a slow, gentle feeding. Promotes a healthy, thick dark-green turf over time that can be used spring, summer and fall.

Birds love blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries as much as we do! Protect your berries with Bird-X Netting before they ripen and are eaten by the birds.