Garden Tips - March:

Spring is right around the corner! Come and check out our collection of Page’s Seeds.

Plan your vegetable garden on graph paper. Remember to rotate crops just like the farmers do. Tomatoes and peppers use many nutrients from the soil and should be moved from year to year to prevent mineral deficiencies.

We have lots of seed starting kits to help start your gardens off right. From fiber pots to peat plugs to cell trays, we’ve got what you want – even soil!

Start to turn your vegetable garden and add organic material so the nutrients will be available when you plant. Adding Plant Tone and Tomato Tone by Espoma now will help enhance the health of your plants and soil.

Ticks are going to become very active in the next following weeks. We recommend placing Tick Tubes by Damminix around your property and in your tool shed. This will significantly cut back the tick population in your yard and reduce you& your family’s risk of Lyme Disease.

Place birdhouses outside this month. Clean out any existing houses for new bird families to move in.

Give your houseplants another good once over with Plant Leafshine by Fertilome.