Garden Tips - May:

Plant some new varieties of vegetables in your garden! Truckloads of fresh vegetable and herb plants are starting to arrive here at CountryBrook. If you have already started some plants in the ground or in containers, continue to keep an eye on nighttime temperatures. One cold night could ruin an entire crop for the season!

If you haven’t applied your Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer Plus Greenup or Organic Weed Control, now is the time! The best way to get rid of weeds in your lawn is to prevent them from starting in the first place.Treat your lawn for grubswith Jonathan Green’s Grub Control. Treating for grubs now will significantly reduce your Japanese beetle population in the summer.

Watch for black spot and powdery mildew on your roses. Treat your roses and perennial beds with Bayer All in One Rose & Flower Care to prevent these diseases from occurring and to protect from bug damage. Also avoid watering the leaves as this will cause disease to spread more rapidly.

Bring indoor tropical plants outside for their summer vacation. Gradually get them used to the wind and sun by putting them out for just an hour or two a day and slowly increasing the time outdoors. If you have trouble remembering to water, Plant Nanny’s not only will remember for you, but they’ll also put empty wine bottles to good use!

Mulch your plants and perennial beds to retain moisture at the roots, suppress weed growth, add organic matter to your soil and just to look nice!

Place a pot of herbs as close as possible to the kitchen for easy access. Chives, parsley, oregano and mint are all ready to go out now. Basil loves hot weather, so wait a couple more weeks before putting it outside and make sure not to get the leaves wet when watering.

For all new plantings, we recommend using Root Stimulator and Start-N-Grow by Fertilome to ensure easy establishment for your plants. For existing plants, use Plant Tone or Holly Tone by Espoma or Start-N-Grow. Each of these products will feed your garden for the next three months. If you have a plant that’s really struggling, try using Superthrive. It’s vitamins and hormones help bring almost dead plants back to life! For organic gardening, use Espoma’s Bio Tone with Mycorrhiza.

Mosquito Tip: place a bat house in the garden or along your wood line to attract insect-eating friends. Also try placing Mosquito Dunks in still standing water areas such as birdbaths.