Garden Tips - November:

Protect your evergreens, including holly, boxwood, azaleas, and rhododendrons from the drying winds of winter. Spray them later this month with Wilt Pruf. This provides a protective layer on the foliage that will help prevent moisture loss.

Keep your valuable landscape plants from becoming a bunny buffet or deer delicacy by applying Natural Guard Organic Animal Repellant or Bobbex. To keep the animals from damaging the trunks of your young trees, wrap them with tree wrap.

Finish your fall cleanup before mulching your roses and other tender plants. Make sure the first layer of soil is hardened off, usually after the first hard frost. Mulching too early can lead to critters making a cozy nest for the winter months. Remove all plant debris and diseased parts for a healthier plant in the spring. You can also spray your rose buds with Wilt Pruf for added protection.

Burlap evergreens near the roadside to protect from road salt and snow damage from plows. If you can’t stand the look of burlap, try using Shrub Tents. It’s a much more appealing alternative to burlap and super easy to set up.