Garden Tips - October:

Map out open spaces in your garden to plant spring flowering bulbs. Tulips, daffodils, allium and many more bulbs are now available here at CountryBrook. Try planting hyacinth bulbs now and their soft perfume will fill the spring air. Varieties such as Woodstock, White Pearl, Sky Jacket and Blue Pearl are all deer resistant and bloom in mid-spring.

There is still time to plant! Stop in forsome great nursery stock markdowns.

Before you put away all of your garden tools, make sure they are well greased and sanitized. Rusty, non-functioning and infectious tools are no fun to play with in the spring.

If you’d like, leave the seed heads on black-eyed susans, coneflowers and ornamental grasses. Not only do they look interesting in the winter, but they'll provide food for the birds.

Your lawn is hungry! Give it its last boost before winter. Fertilize with Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival or Organic Lawn Fertilizer to help strengthen your lawn for winter and ensure a healthier lawn in the spring.If you’re doing a fall seeding, use Jonathan Green’s Crabgrass Preventer Plus New Seeding or New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer.