It's Time to Get Ready for Spring!

There's always something you can do! It's time to start planning your garden (if you haven't started yet!). Give your garden tools a good clean and sharpening, start gathering your seed starting and gardening materials, and start your seeds! It's time to start seeds for your cruciferous veggies, some of your herbs, root vegetables, annuals with longer germination periods, start and your seeds for your perennial flowers!

Winter is Still Here!

And so are we!  We are currently open by appointment, so give us a call at (603) 886-5200 if you need to stop by!

Ice Melt Available!

Nitro Thermal Ice Melt 50lb bag - $15

Stormelt Ice Melt 50lb bag - $15

Eco friendly, concrete and pet safe!

Bulk Salt per Ton - $150

18" Pathmaster Shovels are 40% off!

Ultra Lite-Wate™ Snow Shovel
Ultra BACK-SAVER®Snow Shovel

Thank you for a great year!

We'll all be back to see you in the Spring!